LaFutura 2013

The theme of the lafutura event in Amsterdam called ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’.

The future industry of today is an everything but transparent flock of entrepreneurial trendspotters and academic future thinkers from all over the world. A good overview of the broadness and the depth of this new industry is lacking. Which methods are being used to get which results? When becomes watching interpretation? What is the path to strategic foresight and where does design thinking fit in? How can we work together to get more insights for ourselves and our prospective clients?

On November 11th 2013 researchers, innovators and creators will gather in Amsterdam for the co-working unconference LaFutura. The goal of this meeting is to map the business of trend research and future insights in order to create a framework for this new industry. The theme of this event is ‘NOW NEW NEXT Building the future industry’.