LaFutura 2010

In 2010 the first LaFutura-event in history take place in Berlin.

Does the trends and innovation industry wish for a framework and set standards? LaFutura 2010 proves that the answer to this question is yes. LaFutura 2010 is a unique event that represented a great start in the building of an innovation community. Usually, people from this industry never have the chance to meet. But on November 11th 2010, 70 leading futurists, trendspotters and innovation experts from all over the world, gathered for one day to talk about their industry in the PanAm Lounge and President‘s Suite in Berlin.
Great minds attended the event, which enabled an excellent network exchange. They forgot the word ‘competition’, shared their thoughts and discussed key future insights. Besides getting to know each other, the event proposed 5 working topics and let the attendees choose what they want to rack their brains with: Methods of the trend and future landscape, Creating a Trend Universe, Picture (as in visualize) the future, What material is the future made of and How do innovations come into existence?