This is LaFutura x virtual edition.

The country-specific part of the network and its activities is called „LaFutura x“. Every active country offers its members up to four local events per year – each with a different future focus. With the virtual edition we want to bring together thoughts from around the world with less impact on the planet.

No travels required, less time invest for you and still a global network of forward-thinkers!

Our topic: Social Disruption

What do Fridays for Future, the French revolution and COVID-19 have in common? All three influence our lives; just as any social disruption does.

A thousand risks caused by a breakdown can bring millions of opportunities – join us on a virtual journey to discover the society from tomorrow: a society post alteration.

Get a glimpse of the first virtual edition!

Get inspired.

Browse through some inspiring thoughts on post-alteration society:

Future Mind Kolumne

Matthias Horx

Unsere neue Zukunft


Zukunft aktuell


Reasons to join LaFutura x Events

Get new impulses from presentations by executive speakers and innovation experts.

Gain insights from highly interactive peer-to-peer roundtable discussions.

Engage in conversations with like-minded professionals and find solutions by working on topics of your particular interest.