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LaFutura was founded 2010 in Berlin by leading trendspotters from Europe, America and Asia. With many global and local events LaFutura is the central trend intelligence network to bridge the gap between trends, innovation and tomorrow‘s opportunities.


Restart Germany – Munich

Audi Business Innovation, Foresight Academy, TRENDONE and LaFutura

Date: 12.March 2024 13:00-18:00 CET 
Event Type: On Ground, Audi Business Innovation GmbH
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Contact Person: Nils Müller

LaFutura Global Event – Munich

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Date: 12.12.2024 & 13.12.2024
Event Type: On Ground
Registration: Registration
Contact Persons: Nils Müller & Andreas Aigner


LaFutura Global Conference | Nairobi 2023

The Future of Experiences! This year’s LaFutura Global Conference is all about giving an impulse on the importance of experiences, especially on how we experience technology, brands and living in the future.

The Global Conference.

Participants from around the globe joined all over the world, to exchange with like minded people from different countries, branches and industries.

What others think about the network.

LaFutura is a really amazing event with great, international speakers and attendees, getting a real glimpse into how the future will look like and how it will affect all of us. Complimented by the Industry Trend Network, a group of highly inspiring and motivated minds from all different companies, to collaboratively work on understanding - and shaping - the future together in a cross-industry approach.

Christian Kuhnaadidas Group

On behalf of MaGIC thank you for having us at La Futura Dubai, and congratulations to you and your team for the awesome content and speakers and wonderful participants that we had the chance to meet and get to know.It was a privilege for us to learn of the trends and future insights brought forth at La Futura Dubai, and to have visited the various innovation venues.


I wanted to congratulate you with a great edition of LaFutura, what a treat it was to be surrounded by so many great minds, and to get such an insight in the working of a (not so democratic) Dubai, where the magic happens and amibitions turn in to straight goals!

Drs. J.P.M. ScholtensBuro ZORRO