The Global Trend Network is not just about being a member in one more network or association. We want to build an active network of engaged members, collaboration and future thinking.

So what’s in?


We use a closed ideation and communication platform to communicate, collaborate and publish. All members of the LaFutura network have access to that digital hub and thereby they can publish new studies, request, project cases and offers directly to each member. With that tool we bring the right people together to make business, projects oder just ideas. Members with a Team Membership account can nominate 5 people and they will get their own personal account.


Since 2010 we organize one international annual event, which takes places in different places around the world and unites industries, companies and leading experts. Two discounted ticket are included for our members. The LaFutura 2018 will take place in Shanghai on 22nd and 23rd of October and will give us an amazing view into the Asian market!


Your membership in the La Futura Global Trend Network is also a sign of your engagement in the trend- and future-industry. Each member can use the membership and our logo for the internal or external communication and marketing. Show your customers and partners your membership!

Team membership owners have the exclusive option to be named as a sponsor around and during the event 2016. So their logo is placed in our communication like the website, the ticket shop and the displays and presentations on the event.


If you choose a team membership in the LaFutura Global Trend Network we give you access for up to 5 people in your company. They get personal access and can use all services and benefits. So for example you can bring a whole working-team or colleagues around you to the network. The team membership is available for € 4,000 a year, so if you are a team of five people the fee is just € 800 per year.



Members of LaFutura

We are happy to have all these team, individual and education members with us!


Local supporters of La Futura

To organize and manage an annual event like the La Futura Conference needs local support – from Berlin to Dubai. We are thankful to have all these local supporters in the last years to make our events happen.

Shanghai 2018

Dubai 2017

Singapore 2016

Vienna 2015

Bruxelles 2014

Amsterdam 2013

Helsinki 2012

New York 2011

Berlin 2010