This is LaFutura x.

The country-specific part of the network and its activities is called „LaFutura x“. Every active country offers its members up to four local events per year – each with a different future focus. Further, LaFutura x offers a global series of virtual and hybrid events every year – to simply create shared experiences all over the globe! No travels required, less time invest for you and still a global network of forward-thinkers.

Meet a diverse community of corporate innovation leaders from different industries facilitating an ongoing exchange on selected trend and innovation topics. This exclusive network was created to connect experienced innovators from large companies to share knowledge on trends, best practices and innovation approaches locally.

Collaboration is key.

Our members are able to share their current and future innovation challenges. Get the opportunity to collaboratively work on common challenges with like-minded innovation leaders!

By combining the knowledge of different backgrounds and industries we are bringing the discussion to the next level, which helps our members to create an even stronger foundation for innovation in their companies.

Your preview of LaFutura 2021


2021 – another exciting year for the LaFutura community globally to join one-of-a-kind virtual, hybrid and on-ground events all around the world. More than ever, it is our mission to bring together forward-thinkers and help you see all relevant futures to build a better future together.

Some topics and events are in place already for this year. Feel free to get in touch anytime for more information or if you wish to plan a LaFutura event together with our team. We are looking forward hearing from you!


LaFutura x Working the Future

Date: March 25, 2021
Event Type: Virtual | Online Event
Contact Person: Cecile

LaFutura x ESA

Space 2 Business | Pre-Event

Date: May 6, 2021
Event Type: Virtual | Online Event (2 h)
Contact Person: Carina

LaFutura x Nairobi

Pre-Event for LaFutura Global Conference | Future Jobs

Date: June 17, 2021
Event Type: Virtual
Contact Person: Anne

LaFutura x WEF

WEF Singapore Sustainable Dinner & 2-Day-Workshop | Cross-Innovation

Date: August 17 – 20, 2021
Event Type: On-Ground (Singapore)
Contact Person: Nils

LaFutura Global Conference 2021

Future Jobs

Date: September 22 – 24, 2021
Event Type: Hybrid
Contact Person: Anne

LaFutura x Dubai World Expo

Date: November 10 – 12, 2021
Event Type: On-Ground (Dubai, UAE)
Contact Person: Nils


Reasons to join LaFutura x Events

Get new impulses from presentations by executive speakers and innovation experts.

Gain insights from highly interactive peer-to-peer roundtable discussions.

Engage in conversations with like-minded professionals and find solutions by working on topics of your particular interest.

Be a host.

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LaFutura x Event?

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Past LaFutura x Events

LaFutura  x Global Innovation

December | 2020


Did you ever travel in one day only to five different continents? You definitely don’t need to wait for the future to do it! LaFutura x Global Innovation gave you the chance to travel from Asia to Europe, from Europe to Africa and from there finally to North and South America.

In one day only participants from all around the globe experienced what innovation and future talks look like in diverse parts of the world. Get a glimpse into most stunning centers of the future and understand different mindsets as well as visions.

La Futura x Social Disruption

April | 2020


What do Fridays for Future, the French revolution and COVID-19 have in common? All three influence our lives; just as any social disruption does.

A thousand risks caused by a breakdown can bring millions of opportunities – together we discovered the society from tomorrow: a society post alteration.

LaFutura x Germany

Human Enhancement
Futurium, Berlin

February 2020

LaFutura x Austria

Planet Centric Innovation
Swarovski, Wattens

December 2019

LaFutura x Austria

Female Innovators
Tribe Space, Vienna

June 2019

LaFutura x Germany

Multi-Corporate Innovations
ZAL, Hamburg

May 2019

LaFutura x Austria

4 Game Changers

April 2019

LaFutura x Switzerland

Zero Emission
Climeworks, Zurich

March 2019