This is LaFutura x hybrid edition.

The country-specific part of the network and its activities is called „LaFutura x“. Every active country offers its members up to four local events per year – each with a different future focus. With the hybrid edition we want to bring together like-minded people from around the world with less impact on the planet.

It is up to you: join on-ground or online! 

Our topic: Conscious consumption

The post-alteration reality takes on a shape slowly and brings with it a changed consumer mindset: We believe that everyone’s consumption turns out to be more conscious then ever before.

Discover during a unique onsite-online gathering the new consumer mindset in terms of conscious consumption: green, clean, safe and fair!

Get inspired.

Browse through some inspiring thoughts on conscious consumption:

Future Mind Kolumne

Matthias Horx

Unsere neue Zukunft


Zukunft aktuell


Reasons to join LaFutura x Events

Get new impulses from presentations by executive speakers and innovation experts.

Gain insights from highly interactive peer-to-peer roundtable discussions.

Engage in conversations with like-minded professionals and find solutions by working on topics of your particular interest.