We are extremely happy, and over the top excited that we can finally announce our LaFutura Dubai 2017 program to you. Behind the scences we have been working our heads off for quite a while now, but today we decided we are more than happy with our program and we won’t withhold it from you future addicts any longer now.

As you might know by now, is that our well-known future conference will be settling in the Middle East this year, Dubai to be precise. On upcoming 2oth and 21st of November, trend experts, futurist, forecasters and the innovation industry will gather in the sandpit to atend “the” annual trendevent LaFutura which is focussed on bridging the gap between trends, innovation and the possibilities of tormorrow. This night edition of LaFutura promis to be the biggest and most impressive edition thusfar, after all “everthing is bigger in Dubai”

This years program is titled ‘not yet another conference’which points out the fact that this is not your regular conference were you will be seated to listen from nine to five. This conference is an interactive conference which is divided in to three main program subjects, namely THINK | CREATE | DO. We believe a good conference is based on a combination of gathering new knowledge, creating new possibilities and experience innovation. The theme of Dubai’s event will be Hybrid Cities, a subject chosen by various governmental entities in Dubai, which support LaFutura this year.

Now let us focus on the program we are so proud of, our openings keynote this years is by none other than the International keynote speaker Gerd LeonhardCEO of the Futures Company and a very passionate speaker who loves to investigate the intersections between humanity and technology. A good conference almost cannot be without the always charming Tom Palmaerts on stage, he will update attendance about cultural shifts in urban environments.

We actually have two more speakers, but one we will keep a secret a little bit longer, the other one we are out of this world proud to announce to you, namely the talented Daan Roosegaarde. Daan will take the stage in Dubai to talk about his city projects which are an exploration of the relation between people, technology, and space. *Upcoming weeks we will share more information about our speakers in personal interviews with them.

As said our program won’t only be filled with speakers but also with doing and creating, so next to a drone act, which is going to be extraordinary, we have fa few workshops that enrich this conference day. All the workshops have a subject that is directly linked to Hybrid Cities and that is connected to an innovate corporate that will compose the problem posing the workshop will be focussing on.

The workshops will be developed, presented and moderated by an amazing bunch of professionals this year, we are very fortunate that we have the following experts to lead the way. To begin with TRENDONE, the trends & innovation agency from our founder Nils Müller, who will lead the Future of Banking workshop in an ideation session with NOOR BANK.

The new formed coalition SUC., a creative collective formed by Wood&Apples, Wandering the Future and Veldsvorm, will take care of the Future of Mobility, a Future Probing Workshop for a well-know corporate in the automotive. SUC. is a cooperation of future expertise, concept architecture and design, which makes them a bright squad that have the future, the creative and the now all together.

ATIZO360an end-to-end innovation consulting agency and Switzerland’s leading open innovation expert, is hosting a trends to innovation workshop together with a energy company from Dubai, we will announce a tat later. Their subject is the Future of Energy, and we are sure some bright ideas will come out of it.

Last but not least we have TRENDWOLVESwhich is not only co-owned by our speaker Tom Palmaerts but is also co-owned by our LaFutura President Maarten Leyts. Trendwolves will be focussing on the Future of Communication. *Upcoming weeks we will share more information about our workshop moderators in personal interviews with them.

We will have one more speaker on stage after the outcome of our workshops is being communicated, but then it is time for our famous gin-ovation-party, to celebrate a hopefully succesfull event.

For the whole program leaflet check: LaFutura – Conference Program *

If you still have any question unanswered, or if you aren’t pre-registered yet but now you are sure you don’t want to miss a thing, we cordially invite you to ask your questions via and pre-register here.